Dodge Colt Project.

Whooo Hoooo the kidz and the 1994 Dodge Colt two door!
Left to right, Tyrus, Serena, and Jesse, daughter #2 Kaylee took the picture.

The rolled over parts car - 1993 Plymouth Colt ;

Serena bonding with the 1993 Plymouth Colt parts car 1.8 engine, she has had those hands dirty.

The mystery connector under the brake line on the 94 Dodge Colt it has 2 wires on the 93 and 5 on the 94.

Close up of the mystery connector. They will not plug together so something needs to be modified.

The back seat heater ducts, important here in frosty wind-swept plains of North Dakota;

Tyrus behind the air bag controller. The dash is going back together after the air-conditioner installation;

Tyrus is proud of the interior trunk and gas filler lid levers he and Serena put in.

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