These engines can be looked at dyno proven baseline engines, you have many options as far as camshafts, lifters, heads, etc that are not listed on the options page. The 425chp 405chp, 470chp, engines are the same basic build. This group of engines has Dove/RacerBrown 1.6 ratio roller rocker arms, stainless steel valves, head porting as standard.

The 375chp engine takes the standard stock Magnum rocker arms as far as I want to take them.

Keep in mind that I am open to working with parts you may already have or want to buy and have shipped here. For instance tuning the engine with the headers you will use in your vehicle is no problem for you can have them shipped to me, I will run them on your engine, then ship them with the crated engine. It will add very little to the engine's shipping cost.

As always all prices are subject to change without notice.

Custom 375 chp Dodge 360.

Custom 405 chp Dodge 360.

Custom 470 chp Dodge 360.

Custom 425 chp Dodge 360.

Custom 520 chp Dodge 408 based on 360 Magnum.

Restricted Dodge 360 circle track engine.

Options for Custom Dodge 360 engines.

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